Winter Cabin Table Runner


Hello everyone, we have arrived at the start of a new month and a new week. Around here, it feels like it’s going too fast. I think that theory is right, the more things we do, the faster time passes. And if you are looking for inspiration for new projects, stay with us until the end.

When we talk about sewing, what appears the most here are the quilts. But don’t think that this is the only option. Table runners are essential for a well-groomed table. If you only know crochet models, Winter Cabin will change your mind.


A table rail decorates the environment and does not necessarily need to be on the table. The trail looks beautiful on a sideboard in the entrance hall. It can be used both for furniture protection, if you want to add a potted plant or other object. Whether themed or with simple fabric, for all occasions, the table runner is a necessary item in the decor.

Cabin Flurries Color Option

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

It can serve to mark the seats or decorate the empty table. In items like this, I like to remind you of the importance of fabric quality.

When using the table runner during meals, the risk of getting it dirty is very high. If we use inferior quality fabrics, after a few washes, you will no longer have a beautiful table runner.

But of course, some care is basic when washing. Do not use bleach with chlorine, opt for cold water, they help to keep the table runner more beautiful. In the winter cabin you can hardly tell, but it is all made with a single fabric. The same print is used on the blocks and edges.

The difference is in the cutouts, in the way of assembling and sewing. So, shall we sew? Come check out all the information in the pattern and let us know what you think.