60 crochet ideas for beginners


60 crochet ideas for beginners for you to see right now. Excited to take the first steps in crochet?

Well, you will be even more so after checking out the selection of images below.There are 60 crochet crafts for you to be inspired, motivated and started today. Check out:


Basic crochet guide for beginners

There are different types of needles that vary in color, size and material. The color and material are more about your personal taste than the practice of crochet itself. You can choose from metal, aluminum, wood, plastic and rubberized handle needles.

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The size of the needle directly interferes with the final result of the piece being produced. Needles range from 0.5 mm – the thinnest – to 10 mm – the thickest.

To facilitate understanding, we can say that, in general, a fine needle should be used with fine thread and to produce closed stitches. The thick needle, in turn, can be used with thick thread to produce open stitches.