Tabby Mountain – A Colorful Quilt


Hello my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with me. I am very happy to know that you always remember us when you need new ideas. We are always looking for new ideas, tips to make our craft life easier. And new models too, like the Tabby Mountain. Come check out the pattern of this quilt so colorful, vibrant and full of joy. Quilts like this brighten the environment, there’s no way not to be happier.

Here we mix a lot of colorful prints, and along with them, plain fabrics in colors that complement the pattern. It may not look like it, but it’s a simple quilt to make. The seams are simple and the format too. The entire quilt is made of triangles. From them we make stripes and, joining them, we get the complete quilt. If it got confusing for you, calm down because in the pattern we have the step by step and everything will be simpler. Quilts like this are perfect for using scraps left over from other projects.


In the beginning, we didn’t have much retail, but as we progressed, making new models, more pieces accumulated. And there’s no reason to throw it away, it’s a waste. Leave it in a corner and soon you’ll have a whole quilt made from this patchwork. When you’ve finished the top of your project, you need to decide how you’re going to quilt it. It is important to know that in this part of the work, the choice of quilt design is essential. In this way, we selected a very important tip: the point where you will start the quilting and the direction, so as not to take the needle out of your work.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Tula Pink

Mainly in machine quilting. I’m used to doing it by machine, I think it’s much easier and faster than doing it by hand. But this is also an alternative for those who still don’t have a machine. When doing it this way, on a machine, you will need quilting thread, a removable pencil or pen, or heat to mark the design. You will also need specific sewing machine presser feet, in which case some machines already come with them. I always advise not to invest too much in the beginning.

Start with what you have access to, what is most accessible, and gradually increase the amount of materials. Here are some simple tips. Each pattern has a different idea, we hope you like it that way. Come check out the tabby mountain pattern available in Tula Pink. We hope that the tips and ideas in the pattern will help you to improve this beautiful technique even more. Come on, let’s quilt!