A Vintage Christmas Quilt Pattern


Hello my loves, welcome to Crochet Art Free. I missed you guys, this is our first meeting this year and it’s already February.

I hope you had a good time at the end of the year, close to your loved ones. After all, nothing better than that to catch your breath and be more excited for the coming year. But here we are not out of that climate yet.


The Christmas patterns were so successful that we have another beautiful quilt to share with you. The Vintage Christmas Quilt is a very beautiful model. Despite having that name, it does not refer to that date so much because the colors are not so characteristic. You can see that we have red and green presents, but in more closed, dark tones. It’s amazing how much of a difference this makes.

You may not recognize the quilt cutouts, but they were inspired by the artisan’s Christmas tree ornaments. Did it get familiar? In the tree, we use all our creativity, combining colors with the rest of the decoration and in the quilts, the process is the same. You can enjoy and rummage in the patchwork box.

Vintage Christmas Quilt – Lake Girl Quilts

There is always something we can take advantage of and make everything even more incredible, in addition to saving money. In the pattern you will learn how to make all the different blocks. When assembling, you can follow the pattern or assemble as you see fit.

Before you start putting the blocks together, sketch out how the quilt will look so you don’t have to tear it apart later. Place the blocks on a smooth surface and let your creativity run wild.

After you’re sure that’s how it’s going to look, use and abuse the pins. They are your allies when assembling the quilts, sewing is much easier.

Just remember to remove them all before using or washing them, we don’t want to hurt anyone. Shall we sew? Come learn this first project together with us. Tell me here in the comments how you are, how these days were, I want to know everything. And let’s quilt!