Quake Quilt Pattern


Hi everyone, happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is incredible. Whether spending time with family, doing different activities with friends or taking the opportunity to learn a new pattern. The weekend always has that feeling of relief, a time to rest, plan the week and recharge.

Still, we’re here because we couldn’t wait another day to share a really incredible pattern with you. We’re in the sewing phase here, so we want to show you the Quake Quilt. Look what a cool design, very colorful and which reminds me a lot of a well-known game, tetris. It may seem complicated to assemble because it has several rectangles, but in the pattern you learn a technique that will save you many hours.


One of the best-known handmade pieces in the world is the quilt. Because it is made with simple and easy-to-find materials, the quilt has become a piece that everyone can have at home. How to do it? There are several quilt models.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

They can be produced with several pieces of different fabrics sewn together along with a lining, this technique is also known as patchwork. There are many people who love this craft technique, so quilting can be a good way to earn a little extra money.

They are produced in many countries around the world, and are even considered a craft tradition passed down from generation to generation in many of them. The high demand for how to make a quilt continues to grow, because despite advances in the use of technologies in sewing and crafts, patchwork quilts still preserve the ancient art and technique in the production of their pieces.

By following the instructions, you will end up with a 67-1/2×65″ quilt. The measurements described in All People Quilt include 1/4″ seam allowances. See you again soon!