Train Amigurumi – Free Pattern


Hello everyone, great to see you here! Welcome once again to Crochet Art Free. I hope this article finds you all well, full of health and excited for the Christmas patterns that we are going to start sharing with you. That’s right, we’re entering the most thematic time of the year. And, to be quite honest, my favorite holiday.

Christmas always brings with it a lot of joy and that feeling of gratitude. Happiness to be able to gather our family and friends, spend great days and recharge our energy for the year that begins soon after. To make everything even more beautiful and celebratory, how about keeping our crochet in the same theme?


The Amigurumi Train is perfect for decorating the space. This train is very cute, delicate and comes with several Christmas accessories. Christmas tree, presents and lollipop cane are part of this pattern. And if you think that amigurumi are just animals, you are wrong. From houses, cars and trains, with amigurumi we can create everything our imagination allows.

Train Amigurumi – Free pattern – Carmen Crochet

Train Amigurumi Pattern – Carmen Crochet

Like many patterns, the amigurumi train is done in stages, so you can divide it according to how much time you have to dedicate. If you don’t have much practice crocheting yet, this is not the most recommended project. But you can start with the smaller pieces and get used to the terms and how to make the pattern.

You can follow the colors and have a train made with pastel tones, or take risks with happier colors. It will look beautiful too. If you want to make more carriage bases, your train will be a little longer. Just repeat the same step by step a few times. This model can also be an incredible gift for a special person. There is no way to show more affection than a piece made manually by you. So, what did you think of the amigurumi train to start our Christmas series? See you soon in a new pattern, see you then!

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