Need a Gift Next Week Quilt Pattern


Hey loves! Good to see you here. How is your week going? I hope to find everyone in good health and willing to learn a new pattern. Here at Crochet Art Free you will find beautiful patterns, with different techniques to always renew your crafts and bring news.

I know you can’t do everything that’s here or like everything. That’s why we work with variety, I hope you like it and find what you want.


And, anything, there’s always a comment box for you to talk to us, give us your opinion and share inspirations. Need a Gift Next Week is a beautiful quilt. With simple colors and pretty prints, we have a wonderful combination that makes the quilt even more elegant. This type of item is perfect in several environments, the versatility that we love.

If you still have the thought that quilts only match the bedroom decor, stay with us until the end to change your mind. In the living room, the quilts match the sofa very well. Many people like to use it to cover and protect sofa fabric, or cover up a tear or stain.

You can also use it folded, decorating the sofa corner. If you have any postrona in the environment, it’s also a great bet.

Need a Gift Next Week // Craft Foxes

You know those very elegant baskets we use in decoration? Another place where quilts stand out and make everything more harmonious. If you don’t have a sewing machine and you think this is an impediment, don’t go for this pattern. You don’t need a sewing machine, loads of time or even experience quilting.

Since the quilt pattern uses big, 10 inch squares cut from only 2 different fabrics and is tied instead of secured with a sewing machine, this quilt is great for crafting beginners as well as time-strapped gifters. Choose quality materials to enhance your work and have a comfortable item that, with proper care, will last a long time. Ready to get started? Let’s quilt!