My Friend Enola – Free Pattern


Hello everyone, welcome once again to Crochet Art Free. It is always very gratifying to have you here. Know that each of the patterns is separated with great care and attention, taking care that all the information is present in the pattern and that you can reproduce this project in your house.

The third pieces gain more and more space in our everyday looks. They are an extra touch, a charm. With that in mind, we want to share this model with you, My Friend Enola. The crochet bolero is a cardigan style piece, an overlapping option, and gains even more charm for being made through handcrafted work. A format variation that is often used a lot is the round bolero format.


Another characteristic of the round crochet bolero is the collar, which is formed due to the format, which generates a fit and the formation of this layer. The bolero was already a trend in the old days and was part of women’s style in the 60s. But the crochet bolero still has its place marked in the look of many women.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

The use of the bolero over the dress, especially the strapless model, is a classic. But it can also be worn over blouses and shirts and combined with skirts, shorts and pants. And with thicker threads, it also ensures protection against cold winter temperatures. Round crochet bolero is one of the most popular and easy to make models.

With simple stitches and quick turns, you’ll complete my friend enola in no time. It is a model that goes with everything. If you prefer it longer, just increase a few rounds. See the complete walkthrough at Ravelry. There are yarn tips and indications to get a similar result, but feel free to choose the materials you like best. Come back here and tell me what you think, I really want to know.