Mountain Breeze Poncho – Free Pattern


Hey my loves! Another month starting and having you here with us is priceless. It is very rewarding, I am very happy and more and more inspired to continue. Doing crafts already relaxes me, being able to help our community by sharing beautiful pieces makes me even happier. And today, to start the month off pretty, we’re going to learn the Mountain Breeze Poncho. This amazing piece stands out in any look and brings a different touch.

Crochet is a very rich craft technique, which allows for many possibilities and creations that go far beyond rugs. How about producing a crochet poncho to keep warm or sell in winter? Regardless of the situation, the play will be a success! The crochet poncho is a versatile and ideal piece to be used in winter or on cold and rainy days. It ensures an elegant and creative look in these lower temperature periods. 


There are countless models of wonderful ponchos that dress women, men and children of all ages. Crochet is perfect for making ponchos, especially using wool yarn that is the best and most traditional in making this accessory. The technique just makes everything even more beautiful, working with a more creative and personalized weaving, forming incredible designs, textures and weaves. The colors, size and style are at the discretion of each one, the ponchos can be made for personal use or to sell, making an extra income in the colder seasons.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnspirations

Overall, poncho models can be large, covering the entire silhouette; medium, up to the waistline; or small, offering neck and chest coverage. Women’s ponchos are very diverse, there is a huge variety of neutral and patterned models. Much of this depends on the chosen yarn, which ranges from smooth to colorful and full of details. It is also common to find models with fringes, with more open or more closed weaves and to see different sizes between each one of them. 

The ideal is to ensure that your style is imprinted on the piece, as each design, texture and shape causes a different impression and can match better with certain looks. The Mountain Breeze Poncho pattern is available at Yarnspirations, with all the step by step, tips, measures and list of materials. Come learn with us and tell us what you think. We hope you love this idea as much as we do!