Mary Jane Booties – Free Crochet Pattern


Hey sweeties! It’s really good to see you here again. We are very happy to know that we can count on you to share such beautiful crafts. Today we are going to make our babies even more charming with Mary Jane Booties. Crocheted baby shoes are classic pieces. It may be that you have had one of these, that you have already made several models for your baby or to sell.

They fall in love with moms for being so beautiful and cute. Also, for babies they are very comfortable too. Crochet pieces are soft and very malleable. It doesn’t have that hard sole that can restrict baby’s movements and squeeze their little feet. They are easy to put on and, with a decorated sock, it is the most beautiful thing and leaves your little feet warm.


As for the colors, how about doing it with a color that will match a dress you like so much? It will leave your little princess matching, a charm. Baby shoes are small and quick parts to make. You can make a pair on the same day, we’re sure. In this pattern, in addition to the bow that makes all the difference, the button is a pearl sock. There are several details that you can add, leave the way you want.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopeful Honey

As for the buttons, check that they are not bothering the baby or in contact with the skin of the little ones. They are more sensitive than us and can get angry more easily. There are some basic cares that you will learn with practice in crocheting. The mary jane booties pattern is available at Hopeful Honey.

Following the instructions, you will learn to make two sizes, 0-6 months, and 6-12 months. Did you fall in love too? Impossible not to fall in love with these pieces, they are small and so rich in details. They are an excellent option to gift, sell or make for your baby. Tell us who you’re going to do it for. Crochet hook and yarn in hands, time to crochet!