Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket


Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket, as well as all the pieces made by our lovely grandparents. This is a beautiful blanket, a pattern made with every care for babies.

Crafts/Art/Artists – Crochet: Granny Square Baby Cochet Blanket


A little history of crochet, from the not-so-distant past. From the characteristics of the art of crochet and the art raised here. We allude to a possible relationship between art and craft. Since he is also recognized as a representative of a popular art. This is a point that should be discussed again on the distinction between art and craft. Postulated based on the history of the year (1994). It indicates that the effective distinction between art and craft began in the Renaissance. With the division of labor between artists and artisans.

Crafts/Art/Artists – Crochet:

By describing the artist’s relative independence, which is established both in economic and aesthetic terms. He claims that he distinguishes himself from the artisan who continues to produce objects for use and linked to traditional forms. One of the characteristics of handicraft, in contrast to the then emerging art, is that it is characterized by the search for new forms and styles. While the craft is conservative and repetitive. In it, the experience is passed from the mother to the daughters and not as an aesthetic knowledge, a stylistic form. But as the form of the object, that is: this is how a glass is made, a tray is made, a chalice is made like this. It’s made like this, a crochet blanket is made like this, a crochet dress.

Crafts/Art/Artists – Crochet: Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket

And so the story itself tells us, as far as we know, because we are part of this craft history. That for many years, crochet, for example, is passed from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter. This tradition is maintained over the years, in the case of handicrafts. Thus, artisans and artists are always “at home”. This indicates that the artist and the artisan, in handicraft is part of the technique of art. So we can say that crafts are part of the technique where you can teach. But there is a part of the technique of art which is, as it were, objectification, the realization of an artist’s inner truth.


Have you ever stopped to think that you are a real life artist/craftsman? In fact, you are the great star of this Art, crochet, which presents us with well-read works, with perfect stitches. We really have in all corners of the world several pieces that border on the absurd of being so beautiful. Even the simplest have their beauty, because I’m sure they are made with a lot of love.

Granny Square baby blanket

A Granny Square Baby Blanket is a job that needs a little more attention, but it ends up being worth it. The material used is very simple. And what certainly makes the difference is the care with which this beautiful piece will be made. And also your creativity when it comes to detailing the decoration of your work. This will make this baby blanket even more beautiful and charming. Certainly all crochet work is done with great care and love. And knowing this lovely technique and who is dedicated to crochet, I can say that the work is done with the heart.

Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket Pattern


  • Paintbox Simply Aran Yarn  in Washed Teal (232), Slate Gray (205), and Paper White (200)
  • I crochet hook


  • Scissors and Tapestry Needle
  • dc cluster = 3 dc into the same stitch
  • Buy the ad-free, print friendly granny square baby blanket pattern

Free Pattern/Photos/Available: Daisy Cottage Designs

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Every crochet mom loves to crochet clothes for her baby giving that personal and loving touch. Delicate and very useful the blanket is used all the time to warm and make the baby very comfortable and warm. Therefore, you can and should use the most varied models, the result is perfect.

This type of post is my preference. Because when it comes to babies, the love that already exists naturally with art becomes more involved. It is this noble feeling that we must fill our hearts every day. It’s always good to have you here on the site. We hope we have helped and we will always be looking for new patterns, beautiful like this Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket. What are you waiting for to start this cuteness. Run to the pattern, you’ll love making this beautiful baby blanket, Granny Square Baby Crochet Blanket.

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