Color Mixing Baby Blanket


Color Mixing Baby Blanket, good night dear crochet girls. Crochet is simply a passionate art, the work touches our emotions. It’s very exciting when we make a baby blanket ourselves. It’s very special, because making a crochet blanket for the little ones is really good. So when we are working on the crochet blanket for our babies they deserve all the attention and care. The heart races, there is a lot of love involved.

Thinking about the care of our babies, I consider this model the ideal because aesthetically it has everything to do with babies. The Color Mixing Baby Blanket is made with closed stitches that make the blanket even warmer. Inviting and protective, as well as being very cheerful. Because we can make it with different colors, which will please our babies.


The good thing is that a blanket like this, in addition to warming the baby, can now be a great ally in decoration. And even when the kids fall asleep, he’ll help us. Yes, this help comes at the right time, because with a colorful children’s crochet blanket.

Color Mixing Baby Blanket

It can be a great ally at bedtime, as it is a good way to get children into bed. With the proposal to sleep with the colorful blanket or with drawings of your favorite character.
So that you can create a fun and playful sleep routine, here is the tip for a peaceful sleep for the little ones.

Speaking of decoration at the time of making the bed, the blanket becomes a beautiful item in the decoration. In this case, you can use the children’s crochet blanket on the bed, keeping the room tidy and decorated. With a colorful style ideal for the children’s room. With crochet, we can see the countless functions that the children’s crochet blanket has gained. And, therefore, the need to choose a soft and cozy model that will appeal to children. And to help in this task, we have a multitude of models that are among the children’s darlings.

As inspiration for a model of children’s blanket that is in the ranking of the most requested by children is the Color Mixing Baby Blanket. A very colorful blanket that catches the attention of the little ones. It’s the little ones who have good taste because a blanket like that, all in color, is certainly very beautiful.


We can enjoy the crochet blankets, and for sure the blankets will always be used well in bed. Just like on the sofa or baby bag. Crochet blankets for the little ones should always be ready to use, separated in an easily accessible place. You can make a blanket like this, following the free pattern. You’ll like the result and you’ll definitely have a good economy, because a blanket like this is not cheap.

An important tip is that in addition to choosing the model, it is very important that you pay attention to the size of the blanket. If necessary, the ideal is to make a size a little bigger to make the most of your crochet blanket. Because children grow up fast.


  • Gauge: Approx 4 dc = 1?
  • Size H (5 mm) crochet hook
  • About 440 g (750 yards) worsted weight acrylic yarn in six main colors with variation in each


This afghan is assembled from 36 cicle granny square motifs. Follow the link to find the pattern.

Free Pattern/Photos/Available: Color Mixing Baby Blanket – by Kayla Pins

Color Mixing Baby Blanket

This model may look childish, but you can make a piece like that for yourself. And when making the blanket, pay attention to the appropriate size for your bed. That is, a single bed calls for a smaller blanket for babies. While a double bed requires a large crochet blanket, able to cover the bed and cover the couple.

Every baby deserves a crochet blanket like this, all colorful, soft and warm for babies. It pays to be careful to choose a quality line. A non-allergenic line that does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Remembering that, with all the technology, today we have several types of treated lines “anti-allergic”. This is good so our babies will be safer.

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