Girly Baby Blanket


Hello my loves, good to be back. Did you guys miss us? I missed your company, it’s great to come here and share all the patterns with you. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. So, tell me how are you? I Hope that this post finds you well, healthy and full of energy to start another project, stay here with us until the end.

For our return, we choose a delicate blanket. Baby blankets are always a huge success. They are comfy, and give the baby that warm feeling. And we couldn’t be happier to be able to craft this piece of art. Yes my love, that’s what we do, art.


It is almost a tradition to have a crocheted quilt in the little ones trousseau. I think I already commented with you in another post, but here is how it started. And for some generations, crocheting has been present in every home. What for many starts as a hobby, crochet can very well become a source of extra income, and that’s wonderful. We can always start by selling to acquaintances if that’s your goal.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Yarnaway

To make the girly baby blanket, you need basic crochet supplies. Choose the crochet hook only after choosing the yarn. Thinner yarns look great in this project. Thicker yarns can also be used, but they give the blanket a slightly different look. Here on the blog you will find other patterns in which they are also indicated.

Look at the edge of that blanket. Can you see the wealth of details it has? In the middle of the green rounds, you have beautiful pink hearts. And finally, another round border, made with yellow yarn. Take advantage of the color combination to get inspired and find the one that best suits your project. Keep the contrast, there will be no error. We’ll be back soon with a new pattern, for now, let’s crochet!