Crochet Bag Pattern


Hi my loves, here we are again. We are very happy to welcome you here, to be able to show you a new craft model with techniques that can teach you new things. Whether as a hobby, as a source of extra income or as a profession, crafts are always a form of therapy. Shall we learn a new pattern?

Women, only we know the importance and necessity of having a bag in our daily lives. I say this because we are the ones that use it the most, but it is an accessory that everyone can use. We always have some things to carry around and having that support is fundamental.


Can you imagine yourself carrying your cell phone, wallet, keys, charger, all this in your hand? Impossible right? And it’s not necessary. Bags are there for that. Being able to make a model from scratch, choosing the type and color of yarn, the size of the handle, if you are going to add some details is really cool. You become a designer.


Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Attic 24

The model we brought here is quite simple. Easy to understand, make and combine with different looks. If you’re a beginner and think this type of pattern isn’t for you, you couldn’t be more wrong. Notice in the photos that the same stitch is repeated in all rounds. Yes, once you learn, everything becomes simpler.

What changes from one round to the next is the number of stitches. This causes the circle to increase, so that there is no small pocket. In the photos you can see that the bag was a solution to use leftover yarns. But that’s not a rule, you can make it all in one color, it’s even easier because you don’t need to change the yarn several times. Let’s go to what matters? Come check out the pattern available for free and make this beautiful crochet bag for you too.