EPP Table Topper – Free Pattern


Hello my loves! Good to have you here with us. Another week ends, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a pattern to do on the weekend. I don’t know about you, but I always like to have a project in mind, if I have time, an appointment is canceled, I don’t wait long and I start my craft. And the EPP Table Topper is perfect for that, a small and very useful project. 

You know when we have that decoration, an object to put on furniture, but it can scratch and we don’t want that to happen? The table topper is perfect to avoid this and still make your table more beautiful. With Christmas colors and prints, this one can be used to place the Christmas tree, a candle, or other decoration. It looks beautiful and already makes the house more thematic. If you’re wondering what EPP is, don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you. 


English Paper Piecing, or EPP, is a hand sewing technique used in quilting. It features using shapes of card stock to keep the fabric in the correct sizes and shapes. It is most effective for shapes that do not have long straight sides and will require numerous set-in corners, such as hexagons. As for the materials, it is not very different from what we are used to using in quilts. Typically made from card stock, the EPP papers are what give the fabric structure when you are sewing them together. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Lillyela

You can purchase precut papers, or you can make them yourself using a variety of different methods. The fabric pieces for EPP should be 1/4? or 3/8? larger than your papers on all sides. You will also need glue to stick the fabric to the paper. As for the line, the polyester cotton ones are very good for this type of garment. It is as strong as polyester but behaves a bit like cotton as you work with it. I find it almost invisible which is perfect for EPP.

 For needles, as we are going to do the sewing by hand, the smaller ones are my favorites. Ready to learn? To get started with the EPP Table Topper, see the pattern available in Lillyela. There you have the step by step, the template of the paper cutouts and instructions for cutting and sewing. Was there any doubt? Come tell us here in the comments. Tell us what you think too, we really appreciate your feedback. May we have an amazing day.