Christmas Ribbons Table Runner – Free Pattern


Hey everyone! It’s good to have you here with us. We are very happy to know that you come to us when you want to learn a new model, a new technique.

Even more so when we are close to such an important date as Christmas. And there’s no way not to decorate our house, right? We want to leave everything beautiful for the people we are going to receive and for ourselves too. And Christmas Ribbons Table Runner is like that. 


A classic piece, very common in everyday life and that on special dates are themed. Stay here until the end to learn more about this model. Table runners are a stylish and easy way to add color and texture to your table settings. Beautiful and practical, they can transform an everyday meal into a special occasion.

Resting in the middle of a bare table under a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers is how many table runners spend their days. 

This is an elegant way to protect and showcase your table when it’s not in use. If your centerpiece is colorful or elaborate, choose a table runner in a single color or with a subtle design. This will act as a neutral backdrop to show off the main feature to best advantage. Choose a shorter runner that sits in the middle of the table or a longer length that hangs over each end. Overhang is entirely personal preference. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Maywood Studio

A drop of between 15cm to 20cm each end is ideal but experiment to decide what suits your table. A table runner along the length of the table is the perfect decoration for casual or formal dining. Creating a visual focal point, the table runner is the foundation of your styling.

Go for a rustic feel with native flowers and wood platters. Add candles and silverware for a formal setting. Co-ordinate with matching or contrasting placemats and napkins to complete the look. Table runners aren’t just for the dinner table. 


You can use a table runner on any table, like a coffee table or entry table, to protect its surface or add some color and softness to any room. A table runner can serve as protection from drinks or scratches. Now let’s go to practice?

The Christmas Ribbons Table Runner is available at Maywood Studio. Step by step, materials list, cutting and sewing instructions, measurements. But hold on to anxiety, read the pattern first and then start step by step. Did you like it? Come tell us here in the comments, we want doubts and suggestions too.