Cross-Over Block Stitch Blanket Baby


Cross-Over Block Stitch Blanket Baby, with a crochet stitch that is very beautiful. And it goes very well with a baby blanket. Embark on this matter , you will love the idea. One of the most beautiful crochet baby blanket patterns. To make your baby even warmer in the cold season.

Baby blankets in general have some very special details. And I couldn’t be different, because our babies are very special and deserve all our affection. Yes, I can see these details in this crochet cross-stitch baby blanket. This stitch is perfect and lovely with this amazing color sequence, bringing a combination and harmony in the piece.


It is true that the main function of the crochet blanket is to cover the baby, leaving it warm and protected. However, when we think about decorating the baby’s room with the crochet cross-stitch blanket. I am sure that this pattern always looks good, and will certainly help you decorate the baby’s room.

Crochet is amazing, have you ever thought of making a piece like this with only one color. Sometimes at most two colors. But when it is for the pqueninos when you see it, it was already in four colors or more. That’s right, it is better to end up with four colors than to be in doubt between one color and another. The important thing is the final result, if you like it, the important thing is to be happy.

Imagine that you can present a little baby with a pretty blanket like this one. With these pink colors it is perfect for little girls. For boys the same blanket or even in blue tones will also be very nice. The cool thing is that you can save a lot by making a beautiful gift like this Baby Cross-Over Block Stitch Blanket Blanket.

The interesting thing about crochet is its many advantages, besides the savings. With crochet , you can spend hours and hours making your piece. This will be a relaxation, leave you stress-free, work your mind, real exercise for the mind.

We can say that crochet baby blankets is one of the most popular items. It is one of the most beloved crochet items for mothers and grandmothers. This is true for a number of reasons, especially since this piece is widely used. And because it is super possible to make it at home with the help of a few tools. A crocheted piece is also very versatile. Besides various pattern designs are available.


This block cross stitch crochet pattern is one that has versatility. Although as a blanket for covering and warmth is the most common. Blankets are often used as a cover to match pillows. And it serves as protection to keep the fabric from getting dirty during use. So the same practice applies for armchairs as well.



  •        Hook: U.S. 8.00mm
  •        Yarn: Size 5 Bulky –  you need approx 400 yards.
  •        Darning Needle & Scissors


  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sl = slip stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet

Pattern/Photos here: Dabbles&Babbles

Given this multifunctionality, crocheted blankets end up being confused with quilts. Since it is not difficult to find people who choose to use it as a bedding piece. The truth is that when it comes to the crochet blanket, the most important thing is to use it to take advantage of all its benefits. No matter what shape or name you give it. The best thing is to use the crochet baby blanket in every possible way, to make the most of them.

If you love crochet baby blankets, this is the crochet baby crochet blanket with cross stitch. Here is the pattern to help you weave one for a little baby. It is very nice to make these materials related to crochet baby pieces. Thank you for visiting the site, you are always very welcome. Enjoy this free pattern that will help you make this beautiful crochet baby blanket, it will surely serve as inspiration.

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