Crochet Colorful Shells Blanket , this wonderful modern shell stitch crochet pattern is simple to make. It is a perfect pattern for those who are just starting in the art of crochet. Investing in this work is very interesting because the end result is amazing. After you learn this stitch, and make this beautiful . You can make other matching pieces like a beautiful crochet jacket with the same colors. For mothers-to-be, it can be the perfect time to wait for your baby to arrive.

The Crochet Modern Shell Stitch Blanket, is quite versatile and suits both girls and baby boys. Once you follow the pattern it becomes simple to do. The result is very beautiful and will certainly make the mommy-to-be very happy.


I see it as an ideal and essential piece for moms-to-be. Because it is a baby blanket, it requires some care. Nowadays we can enjoy anti-allergenic lines in a variety of colors. The material used is very simple, but what certainly makes the difference is the care with which this beautiful piece is made. And your creativity in making the details into the decoration of your work will make this piece even more beautiful.

Crochet Colorful Shells Blanket

With the material in hand and paying attention to the recipe and the charts, it will certainly be finished before the baby arrives. Crochet Modern Blanket with Shell Crochet Pattern, a very beautiful crochet art. Perfect to make with great care for children.

The Modern Blanket with shell stitch is very beautiful and will definitely make a difference when composing the baby’s trousseau. Different and delicate, this beautiful blanket can be woven with an arching is very sweet. Just like the blanket, we have other pieces that we know cannot be missing in a baby’s wardrobe.


Even when the birth is in the summer, when the little baby comes into the world it needs a lot of warmth and comfort. There are several models and suggestions, different colors and sizes. The most varied stitches that can be created beautiful work on the blanket. A good tip is to put beautiful appliqués in flowers, bows, satin ribbons, embroidery, and lace. This is one way to further embellish your baby blanket.

While waiting for the baby to arrive, this is a good and enjoyable activity to do. Imagine being able to weave the blanket for the baby you already love who has not yet arrived. Soon the baby will be warmed by this beautiful blanket woven by your hands. The choice of this pattern, you certainly made the right choice. Since this shell stitch is one of the most beautiful crochet stitches. And for baby blankets it looks wonderful and nice.

Crochet Colorful Shells Blanket

Level: Intermediate

36” x 36”
Premier® Yarns Premier Basix™ (100% Acrylic;
7oz/200g, 359yds/328m)
• 1115-01 White – 2 balls (Color A)
• 1115-06 Coral – 1 ball (Color B)
• 1115- 05 Lemon – 1 ball (Color C)
• 1115-25 Slate – 1 ball (Color D)
• 1115-07 Ballet – 1 ball (Color E)
• 1115-28 Seaglass – 1 ball (Color F)
Hook: US Size I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook or size
needed to obtain gauge
Notions: Tapestry needle

Weave in ends.
beg begin(ning)
ch chain
hdc half double crochet
patt pattern
rep repeat(ing)
sc single crochet
sk skip
sl st slip stitch
sp space
st(s) stitch(es)
tr treble crochet

Free Pattern/Photos/ Available: By Premier Yarns Design Team

Crochet Colorful Shells Blanket

As mentioned above, this pattern and colors are unisex. In case you don’t know if it is a girl or a boy yet, use the unisex colors. Now if you already know it is a girl, can you imagine making it in pink and white colors. With these colors it is very delicate and perfect for the arrival of the little girl. If it is a boy, a perfect and very beautiful combination is in white and blue. It is also very cute to await the arrival of the boy.

Of course, all this is good for choosing colors, because the most important thing is that it comes with health. Babies come to bring joy to the home. We wish you every success. And to help you make this beautiful crochet modern shell stitch blanket, we have obtained this free pattern.

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