Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial


Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial, in the rush of everyday life, nothing beats having a nice Crochet Floor Pouf at home. A beautiful piece to relax, stretch your feet, read a good book or watch that movie. This puff is made of crochet and the coolest thing is that you can make one at home with your own hands.

With the crocheted puff, your decor will be more beautiful, cheaper and super versatile. Take note of this bedroom puff tip. Yes, this simple and resourceful piece can be exactly what was missing in your bedroom. Nowadays a beautiful piece like this is not cheap, and has innumerable advantages, and one of them is that you can make it at home at a lower cost.


Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial

Today there are thousands of options available in stores and on the internet with prices that vary a lot. The types of material it is made of also vary a lot. But a beautiful crochet pouf like this one is an excellent choice. And it is up to you to choose the model that best fits your budget and your preferences. The Free Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial is the piece we bring to you today. A beautiful option, and best of all it is a piece made of crochet.

Furniture sizes are no problem, neither is the size of your room. It all comes together with planning when it comes to decorating with a puff. This is because the piece can be made in various sizes, from the smallest to the largest and the widest. Remember that it is always important to leave a free circulation area of at least 60 cm. It is nice to have this distance between the puff and the other furniture in the living room or bedroom. I can already imagine that huge puff in that special space.

There are puffs in many shapes, check the different shapes to choose from. Let your imagination run wild! Just as there are different size options, there are also different shape options. The most popular and well-known are round, square, and rectangular. But which one to choose? It will all depend on the size of your room and where the piece will be placed.

If you wish, you can use the puff as a bedside table. For example, in this case the most interesting is to opt for the rectangular shape. Round models work best on the sides of the room. Since they also tend to have a larger space. The square-shaped ones are incredible when the intention is to use the piece as a stand or table.
Now, as for colors, models and lines, the options are huge.


The functional and practical crochet puff
Besides the many advantages, the crochet pouf for the bedroom still stands out for adding a lot of functionality and practicality. Which is interesting in everyday life. It can be used for so many things that you could even make a list, (below you can see some suggestions for use). But in general, think of it as a furniture to help you at all times.

It can be for children and adults, which is very nice.
The crochet puff for the bedroom can be used in the baby’s room as well as the children’s room. And so it will be the same way for singles, adults and couples. To make this transition, choose the most appropriate model for each room.

How you can decorate the bedroom with puff – Suggestions for use
In place of a bedside table
This very interesting, modern and original way to use. In the bedroom is to place them in place of the traditional bedside table. To do this, choose a model of adequate height to be placed next to the bed. Another tip is the size so that it does not disturb the circulation in the room.

Acess for the pattern/ Photos/Tutorial : MJSoffthehookdesigns

Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial

Another good tip! It serves as an alternative to the bedside table
Your beautiful crochet puff can substitute in your bedroom and be used in place of the beautiful recesser. In this case, the piece is usually placed on the edge of the bed and helps when dressing. Useful when you are unpacking the bed at night or simply to serve as an extra seat in the bedroom.

See how cool it is!!! The decoupage puff to replace the recliner is also interesting from an economic point of view, as this small French-made sofa is usually much more expensive than the puff.

Certainly this option today, the Free Crochet Floor Pouf Tutorial, is a very beautiful piece that brings us inspiration to make. And that will help us in the decoration of the house. Today we have for you the free pattern and more video tutorials, to help you make your beautiful crochet puff.

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