Ocean Themed Granny Square Afghan Series Crochet Pattern, a very nice blanket to be used as a baby blanket. Or if you prefer a little larger for sofa or bed blanket. The stitching on this blanket is also very good for making various types of clothing. If you want it can even be a rug, just change the thread and needle. The tool and the thread have to be according to the piece you are going to make. Use your creativity and use this pattern to make a set for your

As we can see, the Ocean Themed Granny Square Afghan Series Crochet Pattern, is a piece that brings us many options. And all of these options are very beautiful. The most interesting part of this piece is this stitch. Which is very nice, and I like this stitch very much. I like this stitch, because it looks very beautiful and nice in all the pieces we make. It’s a perfect stitch to make countless crochet jobs.



Crochet is a very nice craft to do. And when the works are for children, it is even better to do. Ideal for those who need to introduce a future mother. And for those who have had a child. This is a delicate piece that can be used by both the boy and the girl. The cool thing is that we already crochet with a lot of love and even passion. And when we do it for children and babies, there we put more love, tenderness, affection, and a lot of joy. This is because we are making for these cute babies.

The blanket suggested here have a beautiful color, but they are just a suggestion. The choice of colors is entirely up to you. When making a crocheted piece, the choice of colors should be in accordance with your decor. To make the room cozy. Remember that color attracts the children’s attention, and also makes the baby or child’s room more cheerful.

This work needs a little more attention, but it is worth it. The material used is very simple. What certainly makes the difference is the care with which this beautiful piece will be made. And your creativity when making the details in the decoration of your work will make this baby blanket even more beautiful and charming. Knowing this art, I see that all crochet work is done with great care and love. I can even say that for all the dedication to crochet, the works are made with the heart.

Ocean Themed Granny Square Afghan Series Crochet Pattern, in highlight made with a wool that has incredible colors. And this one in particular is a beautiful blue that will make a difference in the baby’s outfit. Perfect for decorating the baby’s room. And even to warm the baby during a family outing on a cold day. As a beautiful piece of this baby blanket from Granny Square, it helps us a lot in decorating the house.



Pattern Notes:

– Chain 3 counts as a DC
– Square measures 6x6inches.
– I tend to crochet loosely, you may need to go up a hook size or two to achieve the same measurements.


Round 1: Magic Ring, Chain 3, DC into ring, Chain 2, *2DC into ring, Chain 2, repeat from * 2 more times, join to Chain 3

Round 2: Chain 3, *DC across, [2DC, Chain 2, 2DC] all in chain 2 space, repeat from * 3 more times, join to chain 3

Round 3-5: Chain 3, *DC across, [2DC, Chain 2, DC] all in chain 2 space, repeat from * 3 more times, DC into remaining stitches to complete the round , join to chain 3

Pattern/Photo/Video Appliques : mariasbluecrayon 


Every mom likes to make outfits for her baby. Always giving that personal touch and full of love. With little material it is possible to make this beautiful work. Delicate and very useful, the blanket is used all the time to warm up and make the baby very comfortable and warm. So you can and should use the most varied models and types of yarn, the result is perfect.

This type of pattern is my preference. I say, because when it involves babies, love involves this noble feeling. Pure feeling that we should fill our hearts with every day. You will love making this beautiful baby blanket pattern, baby blanket from Granny Square.

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