Popcorn Stitch Flower Square


Popcorn flower square with stitches: Get ready because in this post we are going to talk about one of the most beautiful crochet stitches, given so many stitches, this is a beautiful crochet stitch. Among the pieces that we can and should certainly apply this popcorn stitch, is this pattern, the crochet printed baby popcorn blanket, it is one of the most beautiful baby blankets. Besides the comfort and safe feeling, this crocheted baby popcorn flower pattern is a grace to decorate the beautiful baby’s room.

And for crochet enthusiasts, like parents, to learn much easier how to make this piece, we have separated the images with tips and step by step, where we will be talking about this blanket pattern: it is a super warm piece with soft plushies, besides everything crochet provides a more handmade atmosphere. White is wonderful, but today the popcorn changes colors so that we can make the baby’s environment more fun. You can do a little bit of everything, from characters to animals and dolls invented by you! Or a color like this, baby pink for girls and baby blue for boys, these are some color suggestions, you can choose the color you prefer, the size also depends on your taste, now let the creativity roll, the result will be very beautiful.


Crochet baby blanket The popcorn flower pattern will certainly make you think in a more handmade style, taking advantage of the delicacy of the stitches and the softness of the threads, for this type of blanket that will be widely used, we must be aware of the materials, because it can give some kind of allergy to the little ones.

You can spend hours remembering the time that grandma used to crochet, spending hours with the crochet in hand, increasing and increasing as the hours passed, so that the piece that was little by little, hours later the piece was ready.

In this case, it is one of those pieces that never goes out of fashion, as the craftsmanship is always renewed in its combinations, stitches, and uses, entering very well into new and modern styles. After all, they are doubly useful: to keep us warm and to make the baby’s room more pleasant and cozy.

In this kind of craftsmanship, crochet brings numerous advantages and a unique opportunity to relax, relax, produce beautiful pieces, and, as if that wasn’t enough, grandma can still make one more piece a month.

For you who are just starting out with crochet, rest assured that you are not alone when faced with all these stitches and charts. I am sure that you can count on Grandma’s skill, in addition to the patterns, step by step, charts, and videos. You will only need dedication and love.

The art of crochet is a technique that allows for many variations, and you can choose from the many patterns as you wish. It is also great to make rugs, crochet decorative animals, crochet diapers. And other crochet ideas such as: shoes, caps, dresses, blouses and much more, in crochet we have a universe of ideas.


Today, we brought for you a post with just the most interesting crochet blanket to warm, comfort and soothe babies sleep. And for you who already know how to crochet, and have not yet ventured into large projects, it’s time to lose your fear, create a piece and start using this handmade art to decorate the baby’s room!

For beginners, we have separated some tips to start understanding how to choose your chart, your thread, needle, and type of blanket, besides, of course, our photos that are very inspiring and will help you, even with a chart and a tutorial.

Access the pattern here : Popcorn Stitch Flower Square