Nappy Bag Free Pattern


Hello everyone, great to welcome you here once again. Here at Crochet Art Free you will find a world of possibilities, ideas to keep your hands moving, always creating new pieces. It’s been a while since we met here, I want to know how you are. I hope everyone is healthy and ready for a new adventure.

Let’s talk about today’s pattern. How about pleasing the little ones? The Nappy Bag is incredible, a piece that they can play with comfortably. As the name suggests, it is a pillow together with a sleeping bag. And to store it, just fold it and you have an even cuter pillow.


This is that pattern that you will start and finish on the same day, if you want, of course. And if you’re thinking about starting to sell your models, here’s a sure bet. Items for children are always very successful and this pattern is useful. Children can take them on picnics, playdates.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilts and More

It varies a lot depending on the type of fabric you are going to use. Here we made two models, thinking about colder days too. Thicker fabrics require a little more work when sewing and require stronger needles. If you choose to make a model for winter, also pay attention to the size of the cushion. Test if it will fit before sewing it.

Make sure the fabric you choose is of quality. Items for children tend to get dirty more often and you will need to wash them. To ensure that the piece is not easily damaged, the quality of the fabrics and threads used make a difference. Around here, the nappy bag was very successful. I can admit that I wanted to make one for myself too, to curl up with while I read a book. So, would you like to make one for yourself too?