Hello Autumn Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern


Hello everybody! We know you guys are anxious waiting for a new pattern every day around here. We are very happy for this partnership that we build every day. To keep encouraging you to always evolve and make new pieces, let’s learn Hello Autumn. This granny square is very beautiful, full of textures and color combinations that make everything more charming.

Granny squares are classics of the crochet technique. There are many different models, we have some models here on the site that you can check. With them, you can make different pieces, just explore your creativity. It looks beautiful on a blanket, joining several squares. The best part about making blankets like this is that you can adapt them to whatever size bed you want.


By increasing the number of square rounds you get a beautiful blanket. You will need more yarn colors for this pattern. Choose colors that have a contrast between them. Very similar colors don’t make the hello autumn stitch work stand out as much. As for yarns, if you want to make a warm blanket, choose thicker yarns. The perfect wool to keep us warm on the hottest days.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

In the pattern, you will find the step by step of all the rounds. The instructions are described in detail, very easy to understand. The pattern is not difficult to make. Read and understand before starting to crochet. It’s always better to understand beforehand, so you already clarify doubts that may arise and you don’t have to stop many times in the middle of crochet.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry. The pdf is available for you to download and save to have whenever you need it. We hope you like this pattern and that it is an incentive to keep crocheting. Crochet is a very special craft, take the time you take to dedicate yourself to it. Put on a song that cheers you up and let’s crochet!