Crochet Star Baby Blanket


Crochet Star Baby Blanket is, besides everything prettier and fluffier, an indispensable piece when assembling the baby’s trousseau. Well, it has beautiful colors and an amazing look for being a beautiful children’s pattern and a wonderful border. A beautiful manata that serves to change the look of the environment and can even help warming it up at night. On the other hand, the blanket is used as an outlet for maternity, with this tightly closed stitch it protects babies well. Therefore, it is worth investing in this beautiful piece, as it is not only beautiful but also very useful.

A blanket made with the perfect wool for you, an ideal yarn, even more, for babies and with amazing colors. A beautiful piece that will serve not only for decoration, but also to warm you up. Well dear, color options are not lacking, you can make the color you want. Furthermore, it is a blanket widely used for any occasion. And this is definitely part of your home decor.


Pattern / Images / Tutorial – Love Crafts

The Crochet Star Baby Blanket is a perfect piece for beginners, so pay attention to the explanations we provide. Then, leave all the material already separated to facilitate the execution of your beautiful blanket. Simple, but with a wonderful end result, it’s really a beautiful children’s play. And with your creativity you can create beautiful work. And this will certainly be able to compose more pieces for the baby’s trousseau.

You can use this job to add your income at the end of the month. However, try to make a variety of colors. Therefore, the product will be ready for delivery. And your friends and customers were very happy with this beautiful piece that they will love, because all parents want the best for their children. After all, who is the person who doesn’t like to see his house with everything ready and organized. And make the baby’s room beautiful and cozy.

Crochet Star Baby Blanket, not only looks but is very warm for cold days, it is also very easy to make and looks wonderful. Beautiful dots and colors, so perfect to make the environment very cozy. With beautiful colors and details, if you want to decorate the environment this is a perfect piece.

Crochet is very easy and useful for decorative pieces that are sure to complete the look of the house. Giving a little comfort and making everything even more elegant, above all, this Crochet Star Baby Blanket will look great in your crib or even in your little one’s bed.


Here, this work is in beautiful colors, the blanket in gray and the stars in pink for the little girl, and for the little boy the blanket in gray and the stars in gray is beautiful, however, it’s just a suggestion. The choice of colors is your preference and according to your decor, above all, to make the baby’s environment even more pleasant and stylish.


  • Sublime Isabella
  • 7 balls in Shadow (645)
  • 1 ball in Bloom (644)
  • KnitPro Aluminum Soft-Grip Silver Crochet Hook
  • Sizes 4.5mm AND 3.5mm for the blanket
  • Size 2.5mm for the stars
Abbreviations (UK Terminology)

DC – Double Crochet

RS – Right side

STS – Stitches

SL ST – Slip stitch

HTR – Half Treble Crochet

Find the perfect DK baby soft yarn for this project


Chain 91

Starting in the second chain from the hook work a row of DC, 90 sts

At the end of the row chain 1 and turn. Keep working rows of DC until your work measures approximately 60cm, finishing on a RS row.

Remember to chain 1 and turn at the end of each row.

Do not finish off at the end of your final row.

Pattern / Images / Tutorial – Love Crafts

To make the stars

I made a total of 23 stars for my blanket.

Using the Bloom and 2.5mm hook makes the stars as follows.

Pattern / Images / Tutorial: The Love Crafts

Pattern / Images / Tutorial – Love Crafts

This Crochet Star Baby Blanket is a unique piece, and like all work, it requires, above all, attention and can help you a lot. With that, you can be sure that you will have a final result, in fact, that will be worth it and will leave you amazed. Use your creativity and, according to your need, create color mixes, for sure it will be a lot of fun and joyful, talking about children we can exaggerate the colors.

A baby blanket that will be very useful for cold days, as well as very beautiful and easy to make, as well as being very charming and with a wonderful style. So, start doing this with a touch of care and a dash of love. It will definitely be even more beautiful and everyone will like it a lot.

This beautiful piece has been used more and more and is already part of the trousseau and decoration of the baby’s room. Use your creativity and make beautiful pillows that match the blanket and add a touch of charm and good taste to the environment, making it even better.

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