Crochet Battenberg Blanket


Crochet Battenberg Blanket, a beautiful blanket, made with colored squares, alternating with squares in a neutral tone. It is a basic stitch pattern with a single edge pattern. Unlike thicker, heavier blankets, this blanket should be delicate and light. See how interesting, the union
of these squares is made with a new technique, how amazing.

History, Art and Culture – Crochet Battenberg Blanket


Crochet Battenberg Blanket is another pattern that seeks to elucidate aspects of cultural formation. Inspired by an English cake “The Battenberg Cake¨ comes from life creating this adorable crochet blanket. Focusing on the craft of the artisan that constitutes the history of crochet across the planet. And to oppose the impositions of the world of work to the resistances that may be present in the creation process.Based on the authors of so many admirable works from the Global Society for the Art of Crochet, we speak of handicraft.Through the Cultural Industry, reflecting on whether it still contains elements of resistance aimed at handcrafted work.

Crochet Battenberg Blanket

So, with the art of crochet in general, we can say that we are richer in everything we can inherit. Therefore, in all the advantages of the craft, in all the masses where their activities are carried out manually. But what must be innate, the immediate talent, for which the artist is distinguished, seems to be rarer in our time. And yet, I would like to say that it continues to exist today as it has always existed.

In this article we also see the aspects of cultural formation when focusing on the craft of the artisan. And to oppose the impositions of the world of work to the resistances that may be present in the creative process that is characteristic of a work of art.

Crochet is an art that is in fact rooted in the culture of many peoples and territories around the world. And in full technology in modern times, this manual art breaks down barriers over the years. And it is present today, even though so many years have passed since its appearance in the 16th century.


By adopting culture as a value, an end in itself, authenticates its domination character, maintaining dissociation between culture and civilization. Therefore, we can say that culture is not just spirit, it is also very material. Everything that man has produced and produces is culture – how strong is all this. It’s also very emblematic, so when you do craft work, manual work, that’s culture.

Crochet Battenberg Blanket

Stitch Terms
This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.
Special Stitches
1dc, 3ch, 1dc.

Term UK Stitch US Term US Stitch
ss-slip stitch
dc-double crochet sc single crochet
tr-treble crochet dc double crochet

beg – beginning
dec – decrease
RS – right side
sp/s – space/s
st/s – stitch/es
tog – together
WS – wring side
yo – wrap yarn over the hook

Pattern/Photos/Available: By – Sandra Paul

In this sense, what today manifests itself as cultural formation within an arts group? It’s the joy of helping people with their work, tips and standards that serve as a reference and instruction for projects.

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