Crochet C2C Flower Corners Blanket


Crochet C2C Flower Corners Blanket, crochet is an art that I consider ideal to do because it is a relaxing activity. It takes the stress out of daily life, and yet it is a job that gives a lot of pleasure. With the completion of the work comes satisfaction with the result. In crochet, we can make many different pieces. And, thanks to a variety of crochet stitches. As well as the C2C stitch, we can elaborate our pieces. Crochet pieces are perfect for decorating your home. The ideas for crochet pieces are endless. Crochet blankets, crocheted blankets, crocheted rugs, crocheted curtains, crocheted pillows, and more.

The important thing is to know that to produce beautiful pieces with a perfect finish. You need to weave with quality yarn and needles of the correct size. For you who are beginning in this wonderful art. Know that this activity is a relatively easy and low-cost technique. The tip for you is to start with easier stitches and small projects. Depending on your commitment, it won’t take long to get into larger works. You will soon see how rewarding it is.


Crochet C2C Flower Corners Blanket

The investment a basic kit that consists of a ball of thread and a needle. You will usually find the appropriate needle number for weaving in the crochet thread.

Stitch – chain
In the beginning, you will learn how to make the “chain” is fundamental to any crochet work. This is a stitch that will be used in almost every piece.
And, to make this stitch, you must wrap the yarn around the crochet hook needle and pull the loop of your needle.
Then you must repeat this loop several times until you reach the desired size for the piece you are going to produce. For all this, pay close attention to the number of stitches required.

The C2C Crochet Flower Corners Blanket is one of the pieces that lovers of this technique enjoy weaving. This is due to the beauty of the result. It stands out in the home decoration giving an air in the coziest environment. As for the colors, your crochet blanket can be in one single color. As well as exaggerate the colors giving a more cheerful air to the environment of the house. To weave a crocheted blanket you can use several stitches. This way you will have the possibility to create your piece in various styles. From rustic to modern. Crochet should be your great ally in decorating.

You can even make the entire piece using a single stitch. And in its finishing use another stitch. It will highlight the piece, the finish will serve as a frame for your work.


When weaving your crocheted blanket. It is precious that your ideas give free rein to your creativity. The C2C Crochet Flower Corners Blanket will give a special touch to your decoration. Crochet is an excellent alternative that fits very well because of its delicacy.

Pattern/Photos: zarkashaat

Crochet C2C Flower Corners Blanket

The ideal thing in children’s rooms are colorful crochet blankets. After all, children are fun and cheerful. In the children’s room we can abuse of the colorful. In the couple’s room you can make a more modern style, one or two colors, it is also beautiful. Use your creativity, decorate the house your way, and according to the style of each one, be happy.

See how perfect this C2C Crochet Flower Corners Blanket is. Now you can make your own. Just follow the free pattern. Surely soon you will be sharing your beautiful crochet blanket with your friends. We will always be looking for the best patterns to help you. 

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