Blooming Flower Cushion – Free Pattern


Hi my loved ones! It is a pleasure to have you here with us once again to learn beautiful crafts. Today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful crochet piece, the Blooming Flower Cushion. Crochet is an incredible manual art, after all it depends on the combination of stitches, but mainly on the creativity and dedication of those who do it.

The variety of things that you can create using the crochet technique is really impressive and, in addition to this versatility, it is able to make any environment more charming and cozy. Crochet is a good idea to relax, decorate your home, give a gift to someone you like or even to earn some extra money at the end of the month. Cushions are the easiest and fastest way to change the decor of a room.


With this pattern you make your environment more colorful and full of life. You can make the cushions of various sizes to compose the decoration of the environments. Larger cushions can even be used as ottomans in the corner of the room, playroom or outdoors. This pattern is perfect for you who have yarn scraps left over from other projects.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Attic24

The cushion will be colored and you will save and reuse the materials you have around. Remember to use quality yarns to have a more perfect piece for longer. In the pattern you will learn to make all the stitches and add different yarns in the same piece. You can start crocheting and check the steps in the photos that the designer has provided. The complete pattern is available in Attic24. Read the entire pattern before starting to crochet.

It’s the best way to understand the points and how to do it and then put everything into practice. Did you like it? Tell us what you think and what environment you will decorate with this beautiful craft. Whether as a hobby or to sell, don’t forget to practice whenever you can. It’s the best way to evolve and learn new patterns. Grab your hook and crochet and it’s time to crochet!