“Woven In Time” Sofa Blanket Crochet


“Woven In Time” Sofa Blanket Crochet, a blanket that will leave you enchanted by its beauty and its wonderful stylish stitch. With beautiful tones it will decorate the room leaving it with a different and charming face that you will love, you can be sure. Comfortable and beautiful it’s very easy to make, which helps even more. Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the look of the house with comfort, leaving everything very stylish, like this wonderful sofa blanket.

The sofa blanket has been used more and more and is already part of the decoration of many homes today. Use your creativity and make beautiful pillows to match the blanket, adding a touch of charm and good taste to your room that will look even better. With little material and using your crochet skills by following the tutorial you will be able to make this piece easily.


Elegant and discreet, this work is simple and easy to do and it is worth investing in the beautiful stitch used here that will please everyone. Perfect for the coldest days and it can keep us warm when we’re watching that beautiful movie on the couch.

“Woven In Time” Sofa Blanket Crochet

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Heart Hook Home


To construct this project, we crochet strips that we will then compile together to form a blanket. This blanket consists of two strip patterns, part one (color A) and part two (color B). You will need the following:

Worsted weight yarn
*Red Heart With Love pictured in Terracotta and Light Gray colorways

Baby Blanket:
Part one (color A): 7 strips of 91 sts (approx. 105 yards per strip) – 735 yards total
Part two (color B): 7 strips of 91 sts (approx. 105 yards per strip) – 735 yards total
Border: approx. 245 yards (mostly color A)
Total Yardage: approx. 1,715


Sofa Blanket (Original Pattern):
Part one (color A): 9 strips of 143 sts (approx. 157 yards per strip) – 1,413 yards total
Part two (color B): 11 strips of 117 sts (approx. 135 yards per strip) – 1,485 yards total
Border: approx. 350 yards (mostly color A)
Total Yardage: approx. 3.248


What Our Crew Thinks About This Pattern

An amazing “Woven In Time” Sofa Blanket Crochet perfect for your sofa, warm and very charming, it will give a totally special touch to your home decor. You can be sure that this beautiful Patchwork Blanket is perfect for your sofa and if you want you can use it on your bed too. Following the tutorial available here it will be easy to make this beautiful blanket.

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