The Apiary Puff


The Apiary Puff, is a very beautiful piece that can be used for various types of work. Such as quilts, blankets and so on. This type of work has attracted the attention of people, in many different types of designs. It is a crochet that can be done easily and that by joining the pieces gives a very elegant and different result. This type of work requires dedication and patience, but for those who like crochet, it is easy.

It is a simple pattern and has a very beautiful result. It is worth investing in pieces like this to compose your decoration. These pieces with these incredible details are always helpful because of their very interesting shape. Quilts and quilts made from puffs are increasingly attracting attention for their beauty.

Fotos/Pattern – By: Valerie Lawson

The Apiary Puff

Puff pieces are amazing and add a wonderful touch to everything. Believe me, they will help you a lot, especially this beautiful Apiary Puff. In general these amazing and at the same time different pieces. They have a wonderful shape that helps to give a special style to the work, quite interesting.

When you look at a finished quilt, it can seem difficult to do this kind of work. But with dedication you will be able to create beautiful pieces like this using this exciting technique. The Apiary Puff is very beautiful and can be used in different types of work. Just use your creativity and you will be able to make several amazing pieces.

These pieces with colorful and delicate details attract attention for their beauty and delicacy.

The Apiary Puff, a beautiful pattern piece to compose even better, which has a very beautiful and elegant effect. Any work done with this beautiful puff will give a special touch to your environment and also a lot of sophistication.

The Apiary Puff – Pattern

The delicacy of this puff will make your work amazing and very delicate, drawing attention to its incredible beauty. Colorful and cheerful, it is the kind of piece that will liven up any environment and make it very welcoming. Colorful pieces are intended to make your home environment more cheerful.


By taking advantage of the yarn you have at home, you can make a colorful work and make the most of your yarn. This Apiary Puff pattern is simple and has a very nice result.

Free Pattern Available: By Valerie Lawson

Fotos/Pattern – By: Valerie Lawson

The cool thing about this stitch is that we can use it in many kinds of work. For example: a nice colorful pillow, a blanket or a quilt for your bed or sofa.


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