Crochet Fun Floor Pillow Lion


Crochet Fun Floor Pillow Lion, a piece that adorns and because of its softness comforts us when watching a movie, a soap opera or even giving that relaxed one.

Here we have a pattern of a very beautiful pillow with you: the crochet pillow! It had been a while since I shared that kind of pattern, but when I saw this one I couldn’t help myself and at the time I said to myself, I have to share this wonderful pillow, here I am with great joy in this post.


This pattern of Cushion is very cool because nowadays it is much better for you to give an authentic touch to your decoration, instead of buying ready-made cushions, we agree it does not compare to a crochet cushion made by hand. Crochet is not only an art we like, this practice also helps to save girls, right? I sincerely hope you like this crochet pillow pattern.

am sharing this crochet cushion model, for you to choose, the line, the color and the size. This pattern is very good because it is much better for you to give a personal touch to your decor, getting your taste, because no one better than you to know what is best and what will best match the environments of your home.

My dear artisans, this pattern is perfect and you can also make, in addition to this pillow, a beautiful crochet rug, crochet blanket, crochet curtain and baby shoes, this game for baby’s room this will give a charm to the decoration .

It is always worth remembering that while decorating leaving the environment beautiful, this pattern is very easy to do not take long to get everything ready with complicated stitches. You can still adapt the colors with the decoration of the house integrating the whole environment and bringing more color to the baby’s room, usually in the nursery the colors are always welcome.

We are talking about a very simple pattern to make and for sure you will finish it very quickly. It is a piece that You can still adapt the colors with the decoration of the house integrating the whole environment and enhancing the environment more.


For those in love with crochet as it is a beautiful decoration option for the rooms of our house. So we can use these beautiful pillows to enhance the environment, provide greater comfort and even add a touch of delicacy in the living room or bedrooms.

Whenever you think about making a piece, a job or a project, it is essential that you make a plan, so before you start we can list some information and useful equipment for those who want to learn how to crochet. Let’s start with the needles and threads. Speaking of needles first, it’s amazing how this little tool can do so much beautiful, even more because it is an item that is not flexible. Looking at the crochet hook and knowing its different parts.

The part used to make the stitches are the tip and the neck; the support and the cable are used to hold and handle the needle. Knowing this important and essential tool for making crochet, we can now know what type of needle we should use for the crochet work we are going to do.


Free Pattern Available: Crochet Fun Floor Pillow Lion

There are two types of needles: wool needles and aluminum needles. Wool needles were developed for specific use with wool. Thinking about the comfort and well-being of people, some of them are available on the market with ergonomic supports, to facilitate handling. Now I recommend for those who are starting to crochet, the recommendation is to use aluminum needles. Aluminum needles are easy to hold, cost less and are more durable. On the other hand, the more crochet projects you are doing, it would be interesting to buy and test the other types of needles to see which one suits you the most, so the work becomes much more interesting and enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Crochet Fun Floor Pillow Lion

  1. Cheryl Lee Shmilovich says:

    I love these and would like to make bith the lion and the elephant. Where/how can I get the directions/pattern? My grandkids would love these.

  2. your unkown crocheter says:

    there is a pattern just click those words with pink letters on it.(Above the loin pillow image) your welcome:))

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