Christmas Stocking – Free Pattern


Hey everyone, great to have you here! Welcome to a new pattern, a new idea to inspire you these days. The Christmas atmosphere has taken over everywhere and this is one of the coolest times to make a beautiful piece of crafts. Whether for decoration, to sell, to give as a gift or to make your home more beautiful, this idea can be the start of an even more special Christmas.

I’m sure you’ve already seen and know the tradition of Christmas Stocking and how they are part of the decoration. That’s why we want to show you one that you can do yourself. The Christmas stocking comes in different models.


At home, in all environments, or in commercial establishments, the Christmas stocking line leaves corners graceful and with an exclusive touch, always in a discreet and delicate way.

The Christmas stocking is not just for decoration, it also carries with it special symbolism and some meanings. The most publicized and popular is linked to the attraction of prosperity, wealth and good luck, beliefs arising from a very old tale.


Christmas Stocking – Full Pattern

According to the story of the Christmas stocking, three poor girls were unable to afford their dowries, which were required at the time when marriage was intended. Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, realized the situation and, through the house’s chimney, deposited gold coins in each of the girls’ socks while they were drying in the fireplace. Cool huh? When we heard the story, we were even more excited to do it.

Stockings don’t just have to be on fireplaces. You can use them to decorate the headboard of the bed, a window near the Christmas tree, on the door, replacing the garland, decorating your office. There are a lot of ideas, so get ready to do a lot of Christmas Stocking. Come, let’s get started.