Christmas Star Tree Skirt Pattern


Hey dear colleagues, good to have you here with us once again. We want to show you the options you can make for Christmas. After all, we are in the best time of the year. The streets become more colorful, the people more friendly. It would be nice to have the Christmas spirit every day, wouldn’t it? Thinking about making our home even more incredible, we’re going to share the Christmas Star Tree Skirt pattern.

The Christmas tree skirt is an ornament that, in addition to being beautiful, is quite useful, you know? This is because it adds extra charm to the decoration and also covers the base of the tree, leaving those plastic structures well hidden. Do you want to know these skirts better?


When choosing the ideal one, it is a good idea to measure the diameter of the base of the tree and prefer a skirt that is about five centimeters larger. You can find versions measuring 70 centimeters in diameter and larger ones measuring 130 centimeters, to give you an idea. By following the pattern you will have a 48-1⁄2″ diameter skirt. Follow the information to change it.

Christmas Star Tree Skirt

Christmas Star Tree Skirt Pattern // All People Quilt

To use it is very simple. It comes with a hole in the middle, for the pine base to pass through. Some models even have a plastic structure underneath, to make it more firm. A tip for those who place gifts at the base of the tree is to choose a skirt that is a little larger, so it can stay on top of the fabric. It’s beautiful and the kids will love it.

Get inspired by Christmas tree skirt models in different materials and colors. A Christmas tree skirt makes the decoration even more beautiful, sophisticated or cheerful, depending on the model chosen. See red, gold, green, colorful Christmas tree skirts, with sparkles, embroidery, stones and ruffles. So, shall we learn? The pattern is available at All People Quilt.

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